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Kerri A Gremminger 

Kerri Gremminger Coaching & Consulting, LLC  Career Transition Coach
Kaukauna, Wisconsin,, WI

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Kaukauna, Wisconsin,, WI
Kerri Gremminger Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Career Transition Coach

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At least 60+ hours of coach-specific training
Bachelor's degree
Associate Certified Coach


Kerri is an Executive Career Coach and Global Talent Development Executive, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience across a wide range of industries, including public health, retail, manufacturing, technology, and financial services. She has worked in both corporate and government settings, providing her with a well-rounded perspective on the complexities and nuances of the modern workforce. Her expertise in coaching, talent development, and leadership has been honed through years of successful experience, enabling her to offer unique insights and effective solutions to clients at all levels of seniority.

Her passion is empowering women in senior leadership positions to break free from unfulfilling jobs and achieve long-term success in careers aligned with their passions, talents, and values. Through personalized coaching and a proven framework, she helps clients gain clarity and confidence in their career trajectories, leading to greater job satisfaction, work-life balance, and financial security.

She works collaboratively with her clients to create a safe, inclusive space where they can express themselves freely and explore their career goals and aspirations. She inspires divergent thinking and encourages creative problem-solving to help clients navigate complex challenges and break down barriers to success. With a curious mindset and active listening, she is able to better understand her client's needs and challenges, and offer targeted support and guidance. Through impactful coaching sessions and workshops, she facilitates memorable experiences that inspire growth and development.

Key skills include:

◾ Career Coaching and Development

◾ Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

◾ Positive Intelligence

◾ Career Transition and Resume Writing

◾ Interviewing and Negotiation

◾ LinkedIn Optimization

◾ Employee Engagement and Motivation

◾ Public Speaking and Training