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Caroline Geraci 

Waunakee, WI

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Waunakee, WI

Waunakee, WI 

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Doctorate/advanced degree


Are you ready to have the positive impact on the world that you KNOW you are capable of? 

I work with creative, courageous women like you who need more out of life. I help you find your purpose, build confidence in your power, and take action so you can achieve exactly what you want in life and business. The result: you experience exponential personal and professional growth! You live with purpose, and have the impact you've always imagined having. Your dreams become your reality.

My superpower is in seeing more in you then you can see in yourself, in pulling out the unique strands of brilliance housed within you and helping you weave your special gifts together into a solid foundation that supports and guides you as you evolve into the very best version of yourself. I wake up every morning raring to start my day, because I absolutely love what I do and the way I get to support women in creating their most fulfilling lives.

And I want that for you! There has only ever been, and only ever will be, one you. You DESERVE the opportunity to fulfill your unique potential and thrive, so you can share the best of who YOU are with humanity. I believe in you. I know you were meant for more. 

Are you ready to experience life changing insights and transformation? To activate your unspoken hopes and dreams and create success as YOU define it, whether that be turning your brilliant idea into a profitable business, writing your autobiography, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or serving your community? To be sprung from the emotional prison of your own limitations, and have the support and accountability you need to take action?

Let's talk. We can explore where you're coming from and what you desire, and what it would like if we decided to work together. I'll help you determine whether I am the right coach to get you where you need to go.

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