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Brian P Mason 

Lunar Pathways  Change Specialist
Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee, WI
Lunar Pathways
Change Specialist

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree
Associate Certified Coach


Like so many who grew up in a rural farming community, I dreamed of moving away and lived much of my life trying to live up to the expectations and standards of other people.

All seemed well on the surface until I found myself in the middle of the storm, feeling dull, lifeless, and with no direction. All that changed with my first guitar in 2018 and a lot of coaching and meditation. I learned to tune in, tap in, and turn on my own expectations and intuition. And now, I help others do the same. 

As an ICF-certified professional coach, certified business coach, and +Heart facilitator, I explore, evaluate, and monitor the 'condition' of my client's careers and community, helping them to see new ways when the old become broken or have failed.

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you understand your naturalness, your uniqueness, and identify your core stability in order to overcome the challenges and setbacks in your life with confidence, in alignment with your strategy and authority.

Using reflection, meditation, and self-compassion techniques, I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward toward achieving your goals.