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Brian Incitti 

Madison, WI

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Madison, WI

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree
Associate Certified Coach


Brian has over 20 years experience working in the fields of education and non-profit management. His learning has been uniquely focused on coaching for the past decade. He is a lifelong leaner who was originally trained through the University of Wisconsin Professional Coaching Program. He obtained his ACC credential from the ICF and currently serves as a Statewide Coach for the Center for Resilient Schools. His purpose is infused in his coaching, and allowing others to gain perspective, fulfillment, and greater ease fills up his heart. He aims to raise perspective and locate higher truth in every session.

Brian is consistently learning and growing. His current studies include the science of wellbeing, coaching to explode limiting beliefs, and mindfulness practices that help sustain a fulfilling and purposeful life. He works with a coach, and values the growth and self awareness that come from coaching. His coaching focuses on guiding clients to see things differently, which translates into greater awareness. With greater awareness comes more choice, allowing new actions to transform into permanent change.

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