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Veronica Triggs 

VTG Coaching LLC  
Fitchburg, WI
608 234-8858

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Fitchburg, WI
608 234-8858
VTG Coaching LLC

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Doctorate/advanced degree
Professional Certified Coach


I coach people who want to create their lives based on what matters to them, rather than other people's ideals. In the past, I have helped clients navigate areas in their lives such as career/entrepreneurship, self care/resilience, and habit change. I have done this by helping clients understand:


  •  why they want to achieve their goals
  •  what is getting in their way from achieving them now


This allows them to figure out what steps to take to get to where they want to be. 


I know what it takes to live life according to my own rules. I am a second-generation American who has a Ph.D. in Biomolecular Chemistry, and a 15 year career in tech, partially because I was trying to live my life to honor the sacrifices my immigrant parents made for me and my sister. I took a 1.5 year career hiatus to figure out how my life needs to be structured in order to make room for what is important to me. One aspect that needed change was the development of self-care routines to support my health. I used to say my health mattered, as I grabbed dinner at the local drive thru, every day after work. Now, I have habits that support me, such a a regular exercise routine, a mindfulness practice, and healthy eating.

I am grateful that I can help others figure out how to make these types of changes for themselves. I get bonus points when we both have fun along the way. If we are going to do the work, we might as well enjoy it!