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Lisa Robb 

Raining Glitter Coaching, LLC  
Middleton, WI

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Middleton, WI
Raining Glitter Coaching, LLC

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree
Professional Certified Coach


I am a Mindset Coach for Professional Women. 

I like to think of my coaching specializations as boxes of Nerds. One flavor would be Health. One would be Career. One would be your Environment. One would be your Relationships. And finally, one would be FUN! The boxes are important, but it's what's inside that really counts.

And what's inside? Nerds. Those cute colorful little candies represent the mindset and habits that you have within that box. And that is where the solid gold is. When we tap into the right mindset and habits? Oh my goodness. We get clarity, confidence, and fulfillment. 

The world needs women who have tapped into their potential. The world needs you.

Many of us have tuned ourselves out. We've stopped paying attention to ourselves. We've turned on the automatic pilot. We've heard our own thoughts on repeat for so long that they're like white noise. 

Now, imagine me grabbing you by the shoulders and looking into your eyes. We're in this together. I'll bring with me my experience as a kindergarten teacher. I'll bring my decade long career in sales in the corporate world. I'll bring my coach training and all of my coaching experience. This kind of individual attention, when implemented correctly, leads directly to transformation.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, and a dog lover. I love to read, eat popcorn with chopsticks, run destination marathons (for the girls' trip!), and organize closets.

My clients most commonly use the words *positive *supportive *encouraging *motivational *fun and *non-judgmental to describe me.

Be Confident. Be Fulfilled. Be-YOU-tiful.