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Theresa Ann Stuesser 

Mosaic of Self Institute, LLC  PCC, Life and Business Coach
Verona, WI

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Verona, WI
Mosaic of Self Institute, LLC
PCC, Life and Business Coach
688 Thornton Terrace
Verona, WI 53593

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Bachelor's degree
Professional Certified Coach


Coaches in training and emerging coaches are my niche - MY JAM!

I specialize in 
helping new and emerging coaches connect their coaching skills with their passion, create a brand identity, and develop a coaching 
practice that makes an impact while making them feel more authentic and fully alive!


Connecting deeply to who you as a person, coach and entrepreneurial brand is my passion! Helping you "shapeshift" the pieces so your work and life experience feel whole and strike the right balance is my magic! I rock your inner world to help you evolve IT as you contribute your gifts to your outer world to evolve IT. What is IT? That's a powerful question!

We explore that question during my FREE Discovery Session. We'll discover where you and your coaching practice are at in the self-actualization process and begin creating paradigm shifts to help your mind begin to build the bridge to where you're going. No matter if you are just starting out with coaching school or taking IT to the next level, you will leave with your world rocked and much potential tapped. You'll also experience my coaching to see if we are a fit!

How would it feel to be more your true self and feel fulfilled and fully alive while doing so - while you are going through coaching school, after you graduate, as you establish yourself as a coach, and as you build your business? I form alliances -- close relationships -- with coaches so that they don't feel alone and know they have a confidante and ally who has their back in the long-term big picture and when overwhelm or doubt set in and they need perspective or a lift.

How would it feel to belong to a tribe of other emerging coaches who also want to be their authentic selves, contributing their unique passion to the world, and connect with other coaches for friendship, high vibes, and support? Clients who have a long-term engagement with me get a VIP invitation to my Open Coaching Studio where they can find time and space to do their work, connect with tribe, or get extra laser coaching or core competencies mentoring if they need it. OCS is a great place to sprawl out to work on passion projects, coaching practicum work, or just read a book or do laptop work in a beautiful space at my experiential coaching studio in Verona, WI. (Think yoga studio meets industrial zen -- spacious hardwood floors, lots of windows, coffee shop style bistro tables, beautiful floor cushions, and outlets!)

The majority of my clients are coaches getting ICF certified, developing their coaching practice, turning practices into a business, and then scaling that business. They're dedicated to living their passion in a big way and constantly taking it to the next level! (Watch video)

I work in-person with clients in the Madison, Wisconsin area from my home office in Verona and I offer face-to-face coaching via Zoom and also phone sessions with clients who are out of the area or want to work together virtually. Most of my clients are in Wisconsin, California, and the East Coast, though I service clients all over the US.

Trained through the Professional Life Coach Certification program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a certified PCC through the ICF, I offer coaching through my "owned by a woman, for women and all individuals coming out as more of their true selves" coaching business.

For 30 years, I've been dedicated to the study and practice of human development, human tendency and human potential, believing we have within us the acorn of potential to life to its fullest and the ideas and solutions that can help us make a positive impact. I'm a former elementary school teacher and assistant principal turned spiritual coach, turned professional coach, turned entrepreneur!

If you're serious about taking the leap to creating momentum, staying on track, and turning dreams into reality, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me to experience coaching and see if we are a match!

Why choose me as your coach, mentor or both? I'm experienced in the art and science of personal transformation. A small business owner, I know what it takes to start and run a small business. A former teacher and school administrator, I'm an expert in human development and intrinsic, life-long learning. A "boss" for several public organizations, I know how to lead and how to guide you to lead. A trained intuitive and spiritual coach, I have keen intuition and a sense of when to go deeper and think bigger to help you find the answers within you.

What can you expect from me?

- A bold, courageous, confidential partnership
- Support, structure & accountability 
- Evidence-based, professional coaching
- Adherence to core competencies & ethics
- Life changing sessions & lasting results
- Help with feeling stuck & creating vision
- Empowered growth & self awareness

What do you want clarity, confidence, support and success with exactly? Let's create it, one powerful conversation at a time!

Fasten your seatbelt! I've been known to take people (especially emerging coaches) for the ride of their lives, to their next level, and then their next! They've told me I've changed their lives for the better and they are forever grateful. I love my clients and am grateful for them, too.

Only you are here to do what you are here to do!

My purpose here is to help you create that!

Dream big and let me help you "shapeshift" into what you are becoming next!

❤️🙏🏽Theresa Ann

PS - Connect with me on my social media to catch a glimpse of how my magic formulas help new coaches create brands and how emerging coaches turn into entrepreneurs! I also have videos on my website where I explain each of my services in more depth (scroll down when you get there to find them).