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Cella Janisch-Hartline 

Enlightened Way: New Day  RN, BSN, PCC Life Coach, Reiki Master
Prairie du Sac, WI

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Prairie du Sac, WI
Enlightened Way: New Day
RN, BSN, PCC Life Coach, Reiki Master
E9950 3rd Street
Prairie du Sac, WI 53578

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Bachelor's degree
Professional Certified Coach


Cella Janisch-Hartline, RN, BSN, PCC Certified Life Coach, has an extensive history working in the healthcare field for the past 39 years.  A registered nurse by trade she has held multiple leadership and clinical roles throughout her career. Cella completed a certification educational program in Professional Life Coaching through the University of Wisconsin Extension Services in Madison .  She is the founder of her personal business called Enlightened Way: New Day and a co-founder of Wisconsin River Holistic Professionals.  In addition to being a life coach, Cella is also a Reiki Master.  She facilitates multiple coaching circles that address personal development with two of the primary ones being called Journey Back to Heart and the Living Authentically series.  In addition, she teaches/facilitates an extensive circle called Intuitive Development.

Her passion for nursing and healthcare has led her to develop a program called Refueling the Heart:  The Caregiver's Coaching Circle.  This is a series of 5 modules which takes an in-depth look at compassion fatigue covering the topics of dealing with stress, work-life balance including the importance of self-care, understanding emotions with coping strategies and discovering or re-discovering the gifts in caring.

Cella is privileged to speak all over the state of WI on various leadership and clinical topics through her full-time job at Rural WI Health Cooperative in Sauk City.  In this role, she has coached executives, leaders, registered nurses and teams.

Personally, she enjoys spending time with her family, flower gardening, scrap booking, photography, traveling, fishing, hiking and being in nature.