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Nicole Pulito 

Gulan Pulito Coaching & Consulting  President
Cedarburg, WI

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Cedarburg, WI
Gulan Pulito Coaching & Consulting

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Doctorate/advanced degree
Professional Certified Coach


  • Nicole is an executive coach who works with her clients to ignite transformational change. In today’s competitive and dynamic work environment, it is no longer possible to succeed without continually learning, growing and adapting. Her approach blends the needs of the business with those of the leader in order to accelerate the impact for each. Nicole’s approach assists leaders in maximizing current effectiveness while realizing higher potential. It starts with an exploration of what matters most. Together, Nicole and her clients create a vision of the future and a plan to execute that vision. Her proven program equips clients with the means to enhance results, expand possibilities, and maximize potential.
  •  Nicole creates a safe environment to discuss issues, explore alternatives and practice real life situations. Because transformational change does not come from insight and knowledge alone, Nicole focusses on new practices, repeated over time, to ingrain new patterns and make them automatic and sustainable. This approach helps leaders make the shifts in mindset and behavior necessary to achieve personal and professional goals.  
  • Nicole’s background includes a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and 20+ years of experience coaching and consulting at various organizations as well as teaching business and psychology courses several universities.
  • She also speaks regularly on topics including The Power of Coaching, Succession Planning, Talent Management, and Emotional Intelligence. Recent speaking engagements include

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Secret Sauce for an Energized, Engaged and Effective Workforce

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